Parishinfo - Introduction

Fully Developed, implemented by other Dioceses and Lowest Priced. Your Name, Logo, Identy. You manage! We support!

Introduction: Parishinfo is the most advanced Diocese-Parish automation Software. Each diocese can customise and implement it under their name, label and domain. It enables seamless integration of Diocese, Parishes, Foranes/Deanaries, Priests, Families, Members, Congregations, Institutions, Religious, Seminarians, Staff and Volunteers. The program is designed to implement uniform system across the diocese, minimises paper work, quicker communication and automatic data processing. The focus is to provide the benefits of technology that makes church life and parish ministry more relevant and appealing to the present and next generations.

Implementation and Support: The software is centrally implemented, managed and supported. This eliminates separate installation, maintenance, backup and support at each parish.

Consultations: Parishinfo is developed with wider consultations undertaken with Bishops, Curia Administrators, Priests, Parishioners, Congregations, Family Unit/Zonal heads, Volunteers, Pious Group coordinators, Animators, Functionaries and Parishioners to ensure the software addresses everyone’s concerns and benefit everyone.

Control and Ownership by each Diocese: Root access of the server remains with the diocesan administrator. He will have full control of the application and database. Ownership of the software remains with the diocese so long as subscription remains valid.

Server, Source Code and Data: We share source code with diocese under a non-disclosure agreement to eliminate any concern about service discontinuity. Diocese shall provide the server which can be either outsourced or located within the Curia.

Data Entry & Migration: Data Migration from existing application to Parishinfo is possible subject to dependencies. The software requires single point data entry and it automatically populates other templates as required.

The team behind Parishinfo: Parishinfo is developed by a team of Catholic IT professionals headed by Theosys. Theosys began its operations in 1999 and provides enterprise class email systems, sever co-locations, cloud computing, consultancy and software development with in-house technical expertise in all these areas. It took us 8 years of research and coding to develop up the cloud edition of Parishinfo. We would like to put on record our immense gratitude to the all the Priests and Functionaries of various Catholic Dioceses across India for their inputs and sincere support that made this product a success story.