Technology and Ministry



Technology in Church Ministry

Make church ministry smarter, simpler. Digital technology has changed the way we live and communicate. It is no more confined to a generation, region or demography..

Adopting technology is no more a choice but a necessity to stay on course with the social evolution and there is an urgent need to deal with a generation exposed to undesirable and anti-social elements. Reaching out and engaging them is a challenge and we hope this software becomes an effective tool to achieve it. If this effort can help to channelize them to the path of God and good values, it would be a great accomplishment to many of us volunteered to be part of this programme.

Parishinfo is affordable, easy to use and low bandwidth optimised software for Catholic Church to gain leverage on modern communication technology in parish ministry. It provides accurate member information and analysis that are important indicators for planning, formulating various programs, reducing workload and connecting with volunteers and parishioners effectively.

Diocese remains the command and control center of this software. Parishinfo integrates all parishes with the diocese automatically and provides consolidated statistics and information from all parishes.

The software provides member information, family records, sacramental registers, certificate printing, deceased records, voluntary groups, pious organizations, family units, forane/deanery grouping, E-mail, SMS, catechism, member statistics & analytics, monthly income expense, priest record, digital record archiving & retrieval and more.